Broke the y limit switch and bolt

Not sure what happened but today when I went to home the table it jammed on the y axis and somehow not only broke the limit switch but also bent the bolt. It was homing perfectly yesterday and nothing changed overnight so not sure what hapened to cause this.

The limit switch is on the side of the drag chain and I was able to bend it kind of back into shape but the metal is definitely compromised a bit. I may try some jbweld to hold it for now as it’s a bit thin to try and tig weld.

Is there something I can do to make sure this does not happen again as I believe it if happens again then the switch may completely break.

*I did notice that for some reason the firecontrol is saying my cut area is only 46" X 94" so I am loosing 2 inches both on the potential cut width and length. Is that normal?