BRM compatible parts creation

If you’re a long distance or endurance motorcycle rider you probably know BMR and likely have a bunch of their stuff. Their dash shelf is indispensable for holding GPS units and the add-ons were perfect for Spot trackers, radar detectors, etc.

Unfortunately they stopped manufacturing a couple of years ago and replacements aren’t available. But with the miles we rack up every year it’s not uncommon to find metal fatigue starting to set in. Usually it’s JB Weld to the rescue. But even that fails over time & miles.

Here are two BMR dash shelf compatible accessories I made up this weekend to replace a friend’s broken originals. One is used for general flat-spot use for things like trackers or toll passes and the other is a radar detector shelf & holder.

I want crisper corner bends so the next ones will be formed on a real brake but these turned out okay for first iterations. Figure I’ll be making a few more for IBA riders as theirs break :slightly_smiling_face:

Cutting on the table:
Accessory shelf

Radar detector shelf

Bent & bead blasted:

Painted & ready for test rides:

Love my Crossfire :grin:


Wow, some nice stuff there, good job.
If you need any help with programing hit me up!! lol :wink:


I figured it was a good little “start to finish” project.

This is what I started with. The right side mounting wing was broken off (then JB’ed then broken again) so that’s what the blue painter’s tape is for. Measured it out, dropped the design into the computer, cut it out of fun foam with the laser first to make sure it was right (it wasn’t…took a couple of re-tries) and then into Mach & steel.

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