Break in test question

Hi I’m new, just got my machine together. When I run break in program after numerous passes the rods aren’t turning, it seems the threaded set screws keep working themselves loose, I am assuming I am supposed to just tighten those as much as possible? I have also had a couple work themselves loose if there is a part number?

After this is working to move on to the torch I need a 200 volt extension cord, anyone know of one compatible with the razorweld 45?


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Blue or red loctite. Red you will have to heat with a small torch after it dries. To loosen if need Be.For the set screws . Extension cord… I went to Lowe’s for the wire and plugins and made my own. And welcome to the gang !


When your tightening the set screws, slowly turn the rod untill you feel the flat vally of the threads on the rod, send your screws into that valley. They will not stay tight untill you send the screws in there.

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ah I see, thx!