Break in sequence

First off … I am an Apple person and not familiar with Windows, especially what is old and what is new ( current). I bought an older HP laptop that downloaded the software … My issues are , when doing the break in sequence the video show the Torch holder moving all the way across the table and back . Mine only move about 5" in X and Y axis ,back and forth but the travel on the laptop screen said 23" in both X and Y …Second … I can not increase the speed of the torch head like what is show in the video I have copied what was done in the video and still the same speed … Silly question… is it safe to continue installing the plasma head to the torch holder and proceed ?? What can I do ?? Thanks

Did you download and install the 2 Crossfire specific files for Mach3 (from here: You need both the motion controller and the Crossfire profile.

yes I did … Is there a CD I can get my hands on ?? I bought the Licensing and all that stuff . feeling frustrated. I was hoping for my user friendly … I am not a mechanical engineer.Seams like you all most have to be…

Are you scaling in Mach3 by chance?? Only reason I’m asking is I just did that for the first time this weekend… Worked perfectly! And learned about on these forum pages!!

Next to your X and Y you can scale up or down as well…

… Just spitballin’ !!!