Break In Run X Axis Motor [Solved]

During break in runs, my x axis motor does not send the torch slide all the way down the gantry tube.The Y axis works well and makes the full sweep end to end. The x motor seems to spin slower and only moves the torch slide about a quarter of the way down and back. Can you help?

Make sure the coupler between the motor and lead screw is tight. If the coupler slips, it doesn’t turn the lead screw and there won’t be any motion.

Does it run the length of the X axis when you jog it from Firecontrol?

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The X motor is definitely spinning slower. Coupler is tight and all components in place. The X Motor simply does not send the torch slide across since it’s moving so slow. Yes, on jog it will run the length.

To be sure I understand, if you select continuous jog on Y axis and compare the speed of travel to continuous jog on X axis, the X axis moves slower? If so, and based on your previous statements, I would want to check the dip switches on the X axis driver in the electronics enclosure. It sounds like they may be different from the Y axis settings.

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Problem was a dip switch setting. We noticed that on the motor that was operating incorrectly that a dip switch was in a different setting than on the motor working correctly. A change was made to reflect the proper settings and both motors now work flawlessly.