Break-in programs seems funky

I just finished prepping my new Crossfire Pro and just ran the break-in program for the fist time. It seemed okay for the first couple times it travelled the diagonal but, then, the X travel stopped and the viewer still showed as if the carriage was moving in the diagonal but, it was not. The carriage only moved in the Y axis. The X made a noise as if it wanted to move but, did not. I did all updates and loaded the latest break-in program. If I jog manually, everything seems smooth and normal. My PC has more than enough power and memory to handle this short program. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Looking forward to my first cuts.

Sounds like your couplers are slipping.

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Thanks. I’ll check that but, they did seem tight when I first noticed the issue.

Did you find out why yours was doing this…mines doing the exact same thing. Checked both Y1 and Y2 to make sure theyre not backwards, checked couplers on lead screws

most common problem is loose couplers…and when people often say they checked them…they really have not…put a marker line on the shaft of the motor on one side of the couple…then put one on the spindle side of the coupler…run it back and forth at 300ipm…that is how you tell if they are slipping.
next there is a chance that your bearings are all too tight and causing the gantry to bind…

please do not get insulted I am not accusing you…but most people do not check these the right way.

as for the ganrty and the bearings…over loading them is a very common concern…

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