Break In Procedure for Pro

Is there a break-in procedure for the pro? I know the first crossfire has a break in program in the download section.

I asked this the other day with no answer :confused:

It’s not listed anywhere on the downloads or in the doc. I figured I’d create one next weekend after I get my table setup if they haven’t come out with one first. It’s just a non-firing move the head to the extremes & back a dozen times (assuming it’s like the other one). I’d add some THC tests as well. Pretty quick setup with Sheetcam having it “nest” a square with diagonals at max usable size with a dozen copies on top of each other.

After I finish reading the assembly guide maybe I’ll just do one so I can make sure I’ve got the workflow set and then I’ll post it.

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Since you have yours running, can you try this TAP file and see if it works? It should run a series of outline & diagonal movements to the extremes (48.5 Y 33.3 X). The initial height should be 0.15" then lower to 0.06" and up to 1" when moving between “cuts”. I’ve left the M3/M5 because I’m not sure that getting rid of them would not also get rid of the THC fast mode (1" rise after a cut) in FireControl. So if you can run it, please run it with the plasma off so you’re not cutting a big chunk of steel :slight_smile:

It should run at 150IPM.

As usual, just delete the .DXF at the end of the file leaving just the .TAP and it should work.


Crossfire Pro setup test - 5x.tap.dxf (4.4 KB)