Brands of plasma cutters

Good afternoon,

Finally had a chance to put the table to the test and try out the new thc abd z axis. Everything from langmuir performed flawlessly, the cutter and computer that another issue. The cutter is on its way out with electronic issues, im honestly suprised i got almost 10 years out a cheap chinese tool from Amazon. Anyway what a good budget friendly machine? Id love a hypertherm or tomahawk but its not it the cards right now. Bonus points if fine cut consumables are available.


My vote is for Everlast. I have the 52i and am quite happy with it. on thin material with standard consumables i am able to get .025 kerf width.(measured with a caliper not a feeler gauge so it most likely is not exactly that width but thats as close as i can eyeball it. ) it is not the cheapest you can buy but far from the most expensive. i previously tried a cheap yes welder and it was terrible in my opinion. The warranty is decent as well. Also, it is possible to get fine cut consumables. I think i am going to seek some out just to see what is possible with this machine.

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