Bolting down water table?

Do you guys actually use the self tapping sheet metal screws to hold down the water table? Seems after time that the table might start to leak.

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I used the sheet metal screws and copious amounts of 3M 5200 Fast Cure Marine Sealant.

I used the screws provided…TIG welded my seam between the pans…over a year and no leaks…

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Yes. That’s why they have rubber washers and the instructions emphasize that you clean any chips or debris from the holes you drill.

The water tray needs to be securely attached to the frame and the screwed in attachment works fine. No leaks there for either of my tables since my original Crossfire.

I’m thinking about replacing the self tapping screws with welded in studs

same here on both tables, even after taking the pans off to clean them and screwing them back on after. no leaks as long as you clean the debris underneath and don’t overtighten them.