Binding when approaching first cut location?

In the title I used the word binding but I don’t really know if that would be the appropriate word to use. Probably 3/4 times when I go to start a new cut file the carriage will try to rapidly go to the first cut point. Often when doing this it seems that the X-axis will bind somewhat aggressively. Obviously the FireControl doesnt know that the binding happened so it will think that it is at the starting location and try to start the cut when in reality it probably only moved a fraction of the distance required in the X direction. What I ended up doing was turning off the electronic enclosure and reattaching the X-axis motor before a new cut file and sometimes that would fix the problem for one cut but then I would have the issue again for the next program.

I should say that I have no binding issue when running the carriage in the X and Y direction while jogging, even at 300 ipm. If it always bound up no matter what I would think it was an issue with squareness, leadscrews, or a GCODE issue but it does work sometimes and it has the problem with all the programs I use. In Fushion I have the “in between ups” setting at the same speed as my cutting which so far has ranged from about 20-50 IPM. Could this be an interference problem? I’m using a HP laptop and Razorweld x45 plasma cutter.

Other than this issue I’m getting beautiful cuts so I’m very happy with the performance when I can get it to cut and if I can fix this it would make my life a lot easier. Thanks!

I would first remove the lead screww on the X axis and make sure the gantry move very smoothly…
Then re attach the lead screw and make sure your coupler between motor and shaft is very secure.
Sometimes we have seen the coupler come loose…it can be hard to see and can often look like binding.
The initial start often puts the first strain on the whole system.

Okay I will try this out this week and report back. If that doesnt solve the issue I will try to get a good video of the problem. I wouldnt be surprised if the issue is the tightness of the couplers now that I think about it. I had to loosen them to made some adjustments a week back and may have no retightened them as much as needed.

Had some time to mess around with the table last night and what I found was this. It seems like I only have this problem when my starting position is within about 1-2 inches of the maximum -X axis of the table. If I start it at any other point on the table I have no binding at all. Now, when I just job around this location I also don’t have any binding issues. Any ideas? I can get a round this in the future by offsetting ect. but now I’m curious what it actually causing the problem or if this is just me maxing out the travel conditions of the table.

could be you have the wrong motor/bearing mounts on the x axis, ie. you have a y axis mount where an x axis mount should be. very easy to confuse them as they look alike but the X axis mounts are slightly shorter than the Y axis mounts. Measure all the mounts lengthwise to be sure they are in the correct axis.

4 of them should be the same size (Y axis) and the other 2 should be a lil shorter (X axis)

I did actually check this initially because I had seen it in another thread and I did use the correct mounts. The lead screw that I was sent did have a pretty significant warp in it and unless my motor was very aggressively tightened down the entire motor mount would move while jogging ect. I would guess that as the carriage approaches the x-axis motor that warp is just too out of wack to over compensate so it is freezing the motor. Not sure, but this my guess after more consideration. Not sure if I will pursue a new lead screw from langmuir or not…

You should. They’re very good about replacing parts under warranty. I had one slightly bent lead screw on my original table and after flipping it end over end and a couple of other tests they sent me a new one without any issue.

You can also get replacement ACME screws if you want to try upping the diameter to get a bit more stiffness. A couple of folks have done that and posted the part numbers, supplier, etc you’d need.

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I have also noticed the same thing with mine. The last couple of inches of travel can “bind”. I have found cleaning and a dry lube seem to help. I have tried readjusting the backlash nut but it doesn’t seem to really help.

If the X axis lead screw is not bent you may want to recheck the settings on the Z carriage bearings. It is not enough to just slide it back and forth freely on the gantry and call it a day. When the carriage (under load) nears the lead screw limit it torques the lead screw nut. Inspect the symmetry of the plastic lead screw nut as it takes abuse from the binding in either direction. One side of the nut may be off by a few millimeters causing the lead screw to not turn exactly true to the Z carriage.
Also check the Z carriage’s 4 bolts that the tramming set screws touch. If the lock nuts are overtightened it may not allow for the set screws to seat the bolts properly and when 300 ipm (or sometimes 200 ipm) is called for the bolt shifts ever so slightly in the slot causing the carriage to bind.
Did you completely resolve your issue since posting this 25 days ago?

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