Big part for the red box

when loading my part into sheetcam, my part is much bigger than my table. How do I reduce the part to fit inside my sheetcam table. (the red box)

is the part too big or is the red square in sheetcam not set to your table size?

when you first import a drawing into sheetcam you have a couple of options on the splash screen…

where do you want the part placed…that is the 9 points you can chhose …top bottom…middle right…

you can also choose metric or imperial on the same screen…which may be your actual problem

you can also choose your scale…1:1…10:1…20:1…or reverse…1:20…1:10…what ever you like.

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Design it smaller of course. Lol

I’m guessing your exporting size isn’t correct from whoever you are designing it. I did some math and scale everything by .925. But you can mess with settings to get it so it’s a straight transfer.

Thank you, I’ll try it

That sounds like the old Inkscape DPI issue. Are you using Inkscape or AI?

The DPI on those have changed over time from 90 or 92 to 96DPI. That then causes the exported file to be mis-sized in receiving programs. If you use Inkscape, do a Save As vs an Export. If you are using AI then the Export option should be okay.

If you’re using Fusion and you’re going through DXF as the format then switch to Inkscape. Seriously, DXF sucks as a CNC format nowdays. It was okay when it was created 30 years ago by native SVG is so much better and you won’t wind up with open paths, lots of nodes and segments and other DXF nasties.

I do all my design in Affinity Designer. I read about the dpi issue, but my affinity project file I keep using is set to 96. Honestly, it works perfect and I don’t have to enter the scaling dimensions anymore, it saves them. So I just didn’t bother investigating further.