Beveled cuts, not coming out straight down

We are getting cuts that seem to be cut at an angle.

Cutting 1/4 Aluminum

40 ipm
.125 cut height
2 second delay

Any ideas?

Actually that doesn’t look bad for cutting at .125". Your cut height should be .06" and 2 seconds is way too long for the pierce delay. 40ipm at 45 amps is kind of slow for aluminum. I’ve found that aluminum needs to be cut faster than steel.


Could you please recommend complete tool settings for cutting 1/4 aluminum? Thank you for your guidance so far. I felt 2 seconds was too long as well but sometimes my machine won’t fire unless it’s that long.

I haven’t cut any 1/4" aluminum yet, but I had good results on 3/16" using 45 amps at 65ipm with a .6 second pierce delay, .15" pierce height and .06" cut height. I would try 45 amps at 50ipm with a 1 second pierce delay.

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What brand plasma cutter are you using and machine torch or hand torch? Makes a difference on settings.

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Have you resolved your moisture issues in your Air supply yet?

Water vapor in your air can change the geometry of your plasma stream.

And it also make the hole in your nozzle irregularly round.

Both of which will cause irregular bevel.

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Thanks for the input, we are fixing that issue this week but added a regulator to our plasma to see what PSI we had coming in, we had about 100 or so at first.

We are using a cut master 42 with the stock torch

Do you have the work clamp attached to the sheet of material?

Some Thermal Dynamics machines have a safety feature that requires a 2 second delay for the first pierce. Sheetcam has a modified post processor named “Firecontrol v1.6 TD mod retract” which adds this extra delay to the first pierce. This way you can set your pierce delay at the proper time and the post processor adds extra time to only the first pierce.

If you use Fusion, you will probably have to open the .nc file in a text editor and change the first G04 command to a longer pierce time. This way, you don’t hve an excessively long delay for the subsequent pierces in your program.

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