Bevel while cutting with razor 45

When cutting quarter inch steel plate with the razor cut 45 I have a pretty extreme bevel. I checked the squareness to the slat table with a Ultra flat surface and if anything the bevel should be the opposite direction which way it’s really cutting. The razor cut 45 has a very heavy handle and a very poor grip area for the torch. I did see somebody create a additional handle holder and the tip is fairly new and looks clean but I can see when I dry fire it does angle in the direction of the bevel. Any recommendations?

I put some longer bolts in the holder and gripped my torch handle up farther and changed my tip and seems to cut great now


Great idea! Can I ask which tip you switched to?

Sounds like the same issue I was having. If your using the nozzle tips that came with the razorweld, they aren’t rated for 45 amps (which I’m assuming is what your cutting 1/4” at) I had to purchase 1.0mm tips to fix this issue as the ones that come with the razorweld are .08mm I do believe. Which are only rated to 35 amps. So you end up blowing out the opening of that nozzle tip. I bet if you put in a new nozzle tip and cut some thinner metal at 30 amps or less, you wouldn’t have this issue.

I found this to be pretty helpful


I looked at mine under magnification and yes it is blown out.

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