Best way to learn Fusion 360

Hello everyone. Im a newbie. Ill be ordering the Crossfire pro in about a month. Can anyone send me in the right direction on how to learn about Fusion 360? Thanks in advance

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I learned most of what I know from a series of YouTube videos put out by Product Designs Online. PDO, they’re free and very well paced, although you’ll probably be pausing a lot, but that’s ok, do the work along with Kevin.



I agree with @TomWS, YouTube is a great resource, just don’t get lost in the weeds. Also pay attention to the age of the video as Autodesk puts out updates all the time adding and changing features and the older videos may have outdated info.

The best advice I have beyond that would be to download the free version and get busy with it.

Almost forgot, but Langmuir does have a few tutorial videos as well in the software section of their website.


Good point! I completely agree.


Get dual monitors and pause the video to perform the action they are instructing is key to retain the information and fully understand how the tools work. Binge watching these videos on the couch is a waste of time.


@LostWallet I agree with your advice, but why only two monitors? Oh, two minimum! Right, got it!

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I also used the Langmuir tutorials to begin with, then YouTube. I like Tyler Beck YouTube videos among others.


Thank you so much

That’s great advice. Thanks