Best torch in the game

Ordering a table for our shop. Lots of torch discussions. Not sure which way to go yet. Looking for the best torch out there.

Looking for something that will cut 16g - 1/2”

Hypertherm seems to be the way to go?

Yes, Hypertherm is by far the best. There are viable cutters at other price points, Everlast gets decent feedback. If you’re only vary rarely cutting 1/2", the Powermax45 XP will be fine. If you’re cutting it often, get the Powermax65, and if you’re cutting 1/4" and up primarily, get the Powermax85 to take advantage of much faster cut speeds and better duty cycle.

Check out all 3 manuals that are available for download and compare duty cycles and cut speeds for the materials you’ll be cutting the most vs how much you’re willing to spend.


Some great stuff to consider. More than likely we’ll be cutting 3/16 and 1/4” steel primarily

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