Best Air Hose Diameter for Cut 45?

Hey all. I apologize if this question has already been asked but I wasn’t able to get a search result on it:

I am currently waiting for my PRO to arrive and was curious if there is a best diameter to use for the air line that will be going to the plasma cutter, (Cut 45 in my case), it’s self? I wanna get stuff prepared but I wasn’t sure if there is a recommended size for the air hose I should use.

Thanks for any help!

bets to run 1/2" solid line as close as you can…then down size as required to fir the machine…I owul dbe more worried about dry air than the hose size…1/4 is tight for a long length…3/8 is not bad…but 1/2 as far a spossible.

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Thanks for the info. I’m actually in process of getting stuff for drying the air as well. Just wasn’t sure about line sizes. Didn’t want to cause inefficiency in the air delivery or anything. Thanks again!