Batch 2 shipping estimated start

_It’s September! What is the status of batch 2?? What air dryer is required for a 2x2 table. What plug is on the Razorweld? Video on fusion to cam to Mach 3 and to the crossfire.

Langmuir has a video show fusion to cam to Mach, 220 plug on the plasma, and a dryer isn’t necessarily “needed” but is definitely recommended. You need something though to try and capture as much oil, dirt, and water as possible

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@logstackers Batch 2 orders will begin shipping Sept 20th. They will ship in numerical order through Nov 20th. Please check back with us after Sept 20th for an estimated shipping window.


Thank you Megan. Can you tell me it batch 2 starts at 1 or at the end of batch 1 numbers. Mine is 24**
Thank you.

@logstackers That’s a bit of a long answer: Batch 2 officially starts at 1632. However, B2 is not as straightforward as B1 was, numerically speaking. Many customers from B1 later purchased add ons (water trays, plasma cutters, laptops, etc) and those orders are ‘inflating’ the numbering of B2 orders.

For example: if you are order 2579, and you know B2 starts at 1632, you might assume you’re 947th in line of B2, but in reality, you might actually be the 300th person in line because so many of the orders in front of you were for add on items. We have the ‘decoder ring’, we know where you actually are in line, but it’s fairly nuanced. Because of that, we’re asking B2 customers to reach out to us directly for a more narrow estimate on their shipping window.

Hope this helps clear some confusion/curiosity! Please email me directly at and I’ll give you your personal estimated shipping window!