Ball screws and expansion

I have 2 12mm ballscrews and couplers, plus a bunch of 4" square tube (thick wall) left over from another project. Are there any problems with upgrading to a larger table using these parts? I have the z axis uprade ordered already for my original machine. Are the pro machines using a full size table, or is it 2 smaller tables joined together?

the lead screws are full length, one piece on the crossfire pro.

2 @ 36" + and 1 @ 48" +

The couplers woud interfere.

lead screws in manual

The problem I see is more fundamental, FireControl is not an open platform where you can customize turns per inch, etc. If you use the same pitch leadscrews then the next issue will be travel limits, but I’m not sure FireControl is all that concerned about that.

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I see,
I though he wanted to extend the lead screw with couplers and more lead screw.

Ah, yeah, now I understand your answer better. Yeah, now THAT would be difficult!

No, i wasn’t going to couple 2 together :slight_smile: Not being able to set the correct pitch in the software kills the idea. I’m sure the ballscrews i have are not the same pitch.

That’s why I am a Mach3 fan! … I’m in control, not locked in to proprietary software.

We’ll you are locked into Mach 3 which is someone else’s proprietary software, just one with a much larger market footprint :slightly_smiling_face:

And one where active development has ceased.

Just a different set of constraints. I usually prefer off the shelf stuff (like Mach 3) vs machine manufacturer specific software. Software & hardware manufacturing are different skillets and not usually core capabilities. But in this case with Langmuir building both I think it makes support easier and a lot of folks in their target market benefit from that. They’re not going to be able to use the flexibility of configuration that Mach provided. But they do need the help that a controlled software platform provides.

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