Auto resize pics?

Anyway to have the site auto resize pics when uploading?
Kind of a pain to resize it then upload it

you can resize via the scale selectors in mach 3

Yes Mach 3 can adjust scale however I believe he was referring to an auto function to rescale pictures when uploading to the forum.


Yeah i also find it a hassle posting pics from the iphone

Not sure if I’m allowed, or even if you will. I’ve had my machine since Jan and haven’t cut anything. Just too old & dumb I’m guessing LOL. I’ve read and read these replies, watched the videos, just get so frustrated. Would, if I came to you, whatever time, would you just walk me through a sketch & post?

Where are you? No one is too old :slight_smile:

And im dumb enough for all of us so…

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Calvin It looks like you are just over an hour away from me. I am in Red Lion 17356. I would be glad to work with you for a day. Fridays are perfect for me however on the 29th I do have to run my puppy to the vet at noon. Weekends are also possible but we are entering a touchy time of year and I have been transporting rescue dogs on Saturdays recently.

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I’m in Newville, just outside Carlisle. Just don’t want to ask stupid simple questions here. But, would like to get going.

Feel free. Lots of us were where you’re at now. Tons of help here in the forum for newbies to experts. Most of us have gone through the same learning curve with this machine. There are some who were CNC plasma folks before they got their Crossfire but I’d hazard a bet from the postings I’ve seen that most weren’t. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was a laser & CNC router guy - never saw a plasma table before but the same skills applied. Check to see if there’s a Makerspace near you. They may not have a plasma CNC but they likely have either a router or laser CNC machine. You can transfer the design skills from laser work and the CNC toolpathing techniques from CNC routers - many use Fusion 360 which would help a lot.

It does suck. I always have to take a screen shot of the picture on my phone to post. Auto resize would be nice