Auto Fill / Drain Reservoir Tank for LS Water Table

Hey all so i got this idea from a user here called Jeremy and did some tuning of my own since i’m doing this the LS water table that you can buy from LS.

I can make a list of all the components purchased a bit later but here is a video of the project:

Basically used a water transfer utility pump along with a 13 gallon tank. I added inline filters to both inlines of the tank to make sure no debris can make it thru to the pump and keep the water clean. used kool mist #77 (25:1) mixture which brings the ph to around 10 (i know 9 is where we want it but 10 works well too). i drill 5 holes in the corner of the tank ( 1 for the center of the flange to drain the water and 4 for mounting it to the table). Note i didn’t want to put a fitting thru the hole and thread it because i wanted ALL the water to drain out and not just “most”. rest are straight forward components. I kept the anode in the center of the table so i didn’t have to play around with that. here are some extra pictures:

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Looks good. I put a bulkhead fitting in mine but as you said it only gets “most” of the water out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That was my main goal in this project, i didn’t want to get most, i wanted all, Even with this it still leaves a thin layer on quarter of the table but it’s because of the table tilt so if i lift it from one end, it will drain the rest instantly. very happy with the outcome.

Great job. What is the name of the drain fitting/flange in the table you used?


oil resistant gasket:

Can you post your BOM for this build?

Thank you.


Looks good!

For everyone who is using electric pumps for water level control, do you not have any issues with the dirty water fouling the pump over time?

I’m using air pressure and a 3 position, self-centering valve to add pressure or vent it to control the water level, and that water gets NASTY. I can’t imagine an electric pump surviving long like that?

I’m using a submersible fountain pump. It’s got pretty loose tolerances and it’s sitting off the bottom of the reservoir an inch or so. It’s inside a plastic container with holes drilled in the side well above the bottom to at least keep the big stuff out. No problems so far. ‘Silt’ settles on the bottom of the reservoir after draining the tank, but doesn’t seem to make it into the pump housing.

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How has the kool mist #77 worked out? I will be getting my crossfire pro in couple of weeks and have not found a suitable.affordable solution. Do you get much foam?