Assembly report number 10598

For what it’s worth - I assembled my new table and hacked into the Vipercut 30 in about 5 hours. The aluminum spacers are a clever idea. Beautiful design, good work guys. My kit included laptop, stand, and tank. I was probably about the last of group 1.

Downloading Mach 3 and finding your configure XML and DLL plugin was quick, though I’m familiar with it. Fired up and jogged right away. I wonder if they’d let you distribute the bundle.

Comments: the “which leg goes where” was a little confusing - he doesn’t say, but I suspect the hole groups won’t let you get it wrong. Matching dots might help.

Opening up the Vipercut30 wasn’t obvious; took a minute. Great little unit though. They really out to present a trigger input on the face.

Test cutting today on 120 volts - trying to guess where it’ll pop a breaker. It would be nice to see some baseline params on the reference page. I’m cutting 1/8" mild steel at Amps=4 (~40%), pressure=60psi, feedrate F20. Beautiful cut edge, but dross under.

It would also be nice to see some Gcode and other tech info on the reference page.

Mods: I’d stabilize the cable off the X motor - it’ll fatigue where it enters the motor. Easy upgrade to 33" with “L” shaped stanchion plates - a drawing for that and a source for a screw would be helpful. Laptop stand conflicts a bit with the arm. Minor things - this machine is very, very well executed. I’m a fan.


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There’s a thread here by someone who did that. Included sources for an upgraded lead screw (and also noted McMaster has the stock diameter ones) and the nuts you’d need if you upgrade the screw. Also noted the length & size of the gantry arm and rail you’d need as well.

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