Apple Ipad as controller

Curious if an Ipad could be used to run Cut Control?

It is doubtful as the software is programmed for PC. I have used TeamViewer before to have my iPad as a wireless screen with touch control. this could be one option, but you would still need a PC.


Apple has too much BS regarding connecting 3rd party hardware to their devices on top of their rules relating to basic application development…

Even with significant interest from their users it still might not be a feasible project for Langmuir to probably tackle…

Kinda glad,I got out of that side of Apple development when I did :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I got about 260 in my mini pc and used 23 inch touch screen monitor that i have on my plasma.Ill probably buy the same setup for my mill when it arrives.Even if it was possible to run it on apple the application would look the same on both.Ill be looking for deals come cyber Monday.

Good point about cyber Monday, I’ll probably do the same. I have an old pc that meets the required spec, just ‘need’ a touch screen monitor for the full effect.

we re totally opposite lol. deving for android sucks vs apple. at least with apple you know the hardware vs 100000 different devices that all act different lol

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Oh yeah, you’re right about that. It was just the red tape that was the problem, especially if you want to do hardware.

This was not an endorsement for android, that’s garbage too :joy::joy: it’s more practical if you wanna try doing stuff like this but device diversity really creates a challenge.

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