Anyone using the HTP 875 SC

Curious if anyone on here is using it and how it is performing?

I have it with the Tecmo 70 torch, cuts as expected. I have been using speeds and amps from the guys who have shared on here or on the FB page regarding the 45-55 amps range of cutters.
All my welding or cutting equipment is HTP, very happy with it’s performance.

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Thank you for the reply and Info! This is the route I am going to take, would you mind sharing or PMing me how you wired it up through the CNC connector?

You’re welcome sir. Be sure to order the CNC version of course. The directions for wiring the CNC plug to the Langmuir is quite easy.
I did order the Tecmo hand torch as well, just to leave the machine torch on the table.
I make machine torch mounts for our tables. Hit me up if you go with the machine torch and would like to purchase a mount.

Thanks, Steve.