Anyone have a Pro and a PrimeWeld cut 60?

I am wanting to trouble shoot my machine some. If someone has this setup and would like to help, I would like someone to send me a small file to cut out of 1/4 material. You tell me the settings for my machine and then compare the two cuts.

The reason I am asking for this is because to get mine to cut 1/4 steel, I have to run the settings close to what it would take at 1/2 inch steel. If someone else with the same setup and same code can cut it and mine doesn’t, then I can verify its not the programing and either something in the THC or the PrimeWeld machine itself. If it cuts like it should then its user error in the programing somewhere.

Where are you getting your initial settings from that makes you say you are running the machine closer to 1/2 settings?

you should be using book settings give or take a few psi, amps and/or ipms. the thickest material I’ve cut on the CUT60 is 10g HR. went with book settings and it cut great.

I was initially using book settings, then it quit cutting so I had to slow it down, turn up the amps and air just to get it to cut. Doesnt cut good like this and not sure why.

what brand and size is your compressor?