Anybody here in Kansas City?

Just wondering if anybody in Kansas City has a CF Pro and would mind showing me around your machine a little.
I promise not to bring no Krona :smile:

Basically, I’d mostly like to watch you work through your software toolchain from making a dead-simple drawing, posting it, then sending it to the machine and cutting it out. Also just shootin’ the breeze would be fine too but I don’t want to bug anybody if you’re busy.

I’d be happy to bring some burnt ends or a slab or something (just for the excuse of having some for myself).

vinito out.

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Looks like there is one just north west of smithville. Not to bad of a drive for you if you can entice him with Burnt Ends. Search Crossfire Owners Map. Im 2 hours north of KC. Not sure if they have the pro though. I have both.