Any interest in novice sheetcam session

Invite went out to your Langmuir message center, hopefully I didn’t leave anyone out, the invite went to everyone who asked so if a beginning session is a little to basic I’ll be putting together another session maybe later next week.
Also if you can’t make this one I’ll plan another very soon as well.

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Great group tonight, the best part was I learned several new things from them that I can add to the presentation. Sorry about a handful of people who couldn’t make it there will be another beginning session within the next couple of day, just PM me if your interested.

It was good to have all the Q-A at the end and pick up these additional tips thanks again for all who joined in the session.

Now to work on that round table discussion idea of mine.


Your did a great job teaching as well as the rest that gave input it was a very good group of guys. I really appreciate all of you taking the time to do this. BTW that was a great Power Point presentation.

Thanks to all of you for helping…


you did a great job last night, i look forward to getting together again, I am retired and build streetrods as a hobby which is why i got into this to begin with. i have a lot of experience with cad systems, Autocad, solidworks and Pro Engineer. and i have a cnc router table as well, woodworking is a hobby as well.

Anyway if i can be of assistance I would like to help. email is

Guess I missed this conversation altogether. I’d have been interested in both sessions. Is the first one available to be viewed somehow?
Put me down for the B session anyway

Thank you

I’m interested in the B session as well.

I’m in, you should just make a video of it and post it up to refer back to.

Whatcha gonna cover in the “B” session?

I’d really like to see this presentation. Please let me know if you do it again.

Yes Please!

Is it a to late to start being included i these? Sounds like a great idea.

Did you record it so we late comers can watch it?



I’m intrested if you do this again or have it recorded.

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I think doing another class is a great idea!

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Yep it’s getting close to that time for another entry level sheetcam, Hey Greg how about running first chair on one? I know that as creative as you are you would do a great job on the presentation and it would be nice to have another presenter going through it adding a different flare.
No worries if not just thought I would throw it out there.

Okay, I will put something together and get it scheduled. I’m thinking in 2 weeks. That way it gives enough time for everyone to make room in there scheduled.


Sounds good

hey JR…I saw you posted looking for volunteers to run the tutorial…we just cut out our first part, but I will certainly love to help and run a few of these! maybe we can find /match up people in different timezones? I can’t wait to get more involved, so count me in! Lisa

and I love Microsoft products…and i used to teach Excel and Word to others…Powerpoint and Publisher too. talk to you soon, Lisa

I am also interested, just got all pieces for table.