Any good metal distributors around Omaha NE

Looking for a good metal distributor around Omaha. Haven’t found much luck for anyone wanting to deal cold rolled steel or wanting to cut down to smaller sheets

Oh my. Yes. But your best best isn’t to talk to State Steel, it’s to find a larger job shop in your area that is open to buying it for you. The 10% markup would still be cheaper than buying onsie twosie from State, or EMJ, or Central Steel.

I’m in Lincoln. If you get the runaround I can buy it for you through where I work, but you’d have to drive to Lincoln to get it.

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most of mine comes from here. I get it through a friend, He claims orders over 500 is free shipping. Check for yourself though i do not know first hand.

I paid about $180 for a 4x8 sheet of 7ga, and $120 for a sheet of 11ga in early February through work for reference.

I have used State Steel a few times. I was getting it from Millard metal services and called State Steel for a price comparison. Millard was twice the price so I switched. The only good thing about Millard is that you can buy ruminants if you don’t need a full sheet. Millard also doesn’t have a minimum purchase.

If you can find a shop that does minimal markup and buys a lot of metal from State, you can probably get it even cheaper. Companies that buy tens of thousands of pounds of steel tend to pay much lower prices per pound than a rando off the street when they go to the bigger distributors.

Millard catering to lower volume buyers might be why they’re savy to the real cost of dealing in small orders. It can cost as much to move paper across a desk as metal through a shear.