Any Canadians here?

Just as the title states, I was wondering if there is anyone from the north here, if so, have you received your machine yet and if so was there much for added expenses to pay when you received it? Brokerage fees and such.

@gruntz.clint, Not from Canada. But my company ships to Canada a lot so customers are always asking. I refer them to this UPS page.
I would check with your customs office. I hope this helps.

Thank you burney65, that’s great. I was talking with a friend of mine and he was telling a story about haveing cigars imported from the states, but I’m thinking this would be different as it is tobacco, he had ordered $500 worth of cigars but the duty or fees or whatever it was added up to over 1500.

Not in Canada but I’m from grand falls new Brunswick. Miss it up there but not much for work

Has your tabe come in yet? Im waiting for my table to be shipped (#2559) to Ontario and I’m wondering about the same thing.

Yes I received it. I had to pay I think around $180 total between the three shipments on delivery

Why was there 3 shipments?

I’m in Quebec and Langmuir sent the table in one shipment, and the water table in another.

Had to pay 244$ CND import fees on the table and 44$ CND on the water table when they got delivered.

A fact of life for us Canadians when importing anything over 20$CND.

When our fellow Americans have to pay import fees only when going over 800$USD!!!

But the packages arrived in great condition due to the great packing job from Langmuir Systems.

Import fees? Should just be GST actually, did they charge duty? Also UPS would charge a brokerage fee per shipment it’s usually 40.00 but they dont like drawing attention to it.

No sure what the fees where all about (GST and PST for sure + Brokerage fees from UPS) but that was the total amount I had to pay.

Ok I’ve checked the UPS Brokerage bill, and like you said there’s no Import or Duty on this.
It’s basically GST and some brokerage fees (those have gst and pst on top of course).
The value of the items were of course converted from USD to CND for calculation.
And as you probably know, our Canadian dollar/pesos is pretty low right now.

Thanks just wanted to be sure. Did they charge you brokerage twice ? Once for each shipment?

Yep of course they did :slight_smile: Once for each shipment.

That’s why I try to not work with them. Other border brokers don’t have as many fees.