Another torch height question

Recently got my crossfire pro setup. As I’m trying to get it dialed in I was told to check torch height while cutting. The setting in fusion 360 was set for .06 but when I paused the machine I used feeler gauges and got a measurement close to .10. Went ahead and compensated the difference in fusion and it still wasn’t cutting great. Took it down to .01 in fusion and now seams to be cutting pretty well (still not perfect). Am I missing something in the setup by having to compensate down this low. I also manually set voltage in fire control to 150 if that makes any difference.

If you set the voltage and not using smart voltage. That will dictate your cut height unless the THC is turned off. If you have any rules in your cam to slow down. When speed get so far below program speed the THC is automatically cut off.

You may need to also change the “IHS Springback”. That is the assumption that the z=0, has some lag. Another user did a lot of testing and found that this springback value was wrong. You can see what I finally needed to put to get closer to the cut height of 0.06.

@Phillipw is also correct: Many people use a set “cut voltage” and that eliminates the variables caused by the THC calculations.

BTW: My cut height is now right at 0.059 with these values and it is the best cutting I have experienced. If you are checking with the feeler gauge and confirming the results and have minimal dross and no beveling of the cut: Then you are right where you need to be.


Additionally, keep in mind that the Fusion post processor will add an additional .02" (they refer to it as Backlash) to whatever heights you set. In @ChelanJim case, he has negated it with the -0.02" springback entry.

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As Phillip said, if you’re setting a nominal voltage in Firecontrol, that is what determines the height. It will only use your programmed height for the first .25" and then the THC takes over.

150 volts would result in a very high cut height on most of my cuts. Most of my cuts average 120 to 125 volts.