Another downloaded file - won't generate tool path

I’ve spent so long fixing this file, I feel like I should have just built it from scratch. I fixed enough problems that I was able to extrude a solid, but then generating the toolpath kept throwing weird triangles and failing/hanging. I fixed a few more problems but it still just sits there ‘generating tool path’ forever. Can someone take a look and tell my what the problem is???
Celtic Knot actual v6.f3d (238.2 KB)

I’m just about to sit down for dinner but afterwards I can definitely go through it on a live stream video.

celtic knot tin mob.f3d (369.3 KB)

I get it to generate but there is something with the shape that fusion does not like .

I think it is : Arcs intersecting acutely but it is just a feeling and I cant prove that .


I just want to see if I understand what you thought the fix was.
Adding the preferred lead in position?

That is what got it to generate a path.

I am unsure exactly what the problem was with this one.

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The irony of your user name and this comment are not lost on me . lol

I do another live stream of making that knot from scratch in Fusion

I ll aim to start at 5:45am pst

clean knot v1.f3d (255.2 KB)

This clean file will generate CAM in under a second.

knot file tin clean.dxf (7.1 KB)


Peter, can you save this file as a dxf…not export…let me see what I can do with sheetcam and inkscape…

thanks for all the help. later I’ll try to up load a DXF version (and the original if you want to see what a mess it was).

@TinWhisperer - watched the video. Great work. it only makes me realize how limited my concept of how to work in fusion is. I’m doing everything the hard way.

I’d like to scale the knot up so if feels the panel up a little more. But I can’t seem to select anything in the sketch with the circles - which is what I assume I need to scale.


Start a new sketch insert the DFX from above into it and then select and scale the knot using origin as the scale point.

I would run through it quick but I’m just on the way out of the office for a couple hours. @DonP or @ChelanJim may be able to walk you through it in the meantime.


Never mind, I as in the wrong sketch.

Sorry i just seen but figured I would do quick video if others want to see how to scale to a size.


Thanks for that. I could not get the DXF import editable. Every time I selected Edit Sketch, the import woudl disappear. I think I must have done the import wrong. But, I was able to copy the sketch and paste it into a new document - and that worked - so, thanks.

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