Aluminum Piercing Issues

Having Issues getting the cutter to pierce. It will arch for a couple seconds then loose the arch. The path it traveled wont show any sign of cutting at all. Any Advice?

Material Specs: .25" Aluminum

Cutter: Razorweld 45
Tip: .8mm
Air Preasure: 75 psi

Amps: 45
Peirce Height: .125"
Peirce Delay: 1s
Cutting Speed: 38 IPM
Lead In: .5"

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Check work clamp. Sounds like you are not getting a good connection. Sometimes I clamp a visegrip to aluminum and connect work clamp to it.
Setting look good except for your travel speed.
Should be much faster, like 54 ipm or more.

Did you get this sorted mate?

I’ve had a read through and some people having issues, some not.

most likely this person did get this solved…as they never did respond…

We often wish people would say solved or thanks when things get fixed…but…they often just vanish…or go on to other topics…

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What cut height are you using?

Any chance you can provide a picture of what it is doing to the material?