Alternatives to Mach3?

Anyone successfully used another control program other than MACH3 to run their Crossfire?

not sure what other options you have besides linux cnc and candcnc (which is crap) or flashcut (which is awesome but you need their controller)

Mach3 works perfectly. no need for anything else… why are you looking for an alternative?

Not necessarily looking for an alternative. Just want to make informed decisions.

Hi there - Mach is your only option for running the CrossFire - our control board is programmed to work with Mach3.

my biggest pet peeve with mach3 is the viewer. its way to small. any way to make it bigger? good to know on the controller software only being mach3.

Try running it in the tool path window graph is a little bit bigger. You’ll have to load the program in the program run window first.

Will Mach4 work with the post and profile for Mach3?

No. Langmuir posted last year that they had issues (like lots of others in fact) with Mach 4 and it won’t work with the Crossfire control box.

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Hi There and Happy new year, I can make your viewer larger for you if you like
Thanks, Ralph

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