Already Cutting!

Got my crossfire last week and assembled over a few days as I had time. Easy assembly thanks to all the in-depth videos by Langmuir.
Software was not too hard to pick up, once again, thanks to the detailed videos. Finally starting to get the hang of it after a few cuts and dont need to reference the videos anymore.
I’m running the Crossfire with a TD Cutmaster 39. Only played with 1/8" (11ga) HRPO so far and it is cutting like butter.
I plan to make a few more modifications to the table:
-lower shelf for plasma, drain bucket, and maybe scraps
-separate drain valve
-nozzle shield (old silicone funnel trick)

Here’s a few photos of my initial cuts as well as the laptop stand I came up with. Looking forward to sharing and learning on this forum. Thanks!



First Cut Video

I was lazy so designed these to get bent in the press brake


Designed the laptop stand to nest over the table to be out of the way when not in use


Looks great! Thanks for sharing.

Hey thanks for the positive review! That laptop stand mount looks sweet! I really like how it folds out of the way like that.

Finished up the lower shelf. Sadly didnt have the material to cut something cool on the plasma for it, but had a bunch of 1/4" HDPE scraps to skin it with.

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also picked up this drain valve but haven’t installed it yet. It seemed like the simplest solution for a bulkhead fitting with a valve. The orifice is smaller than I was hoping, but I’ll install it anyways and see how it works out. It was like $14 on Amazon: RAINPAL RBS005 Brass Water Container/Rain Barrel Quarter Turn Spigot(Lead Free Compliant): Home Improvement


Been playing with the table nearly every day and loving the possibilities this tool opens up. Here’s an example of some basic tabs I needed to make that would have taken so much longer with my normal tools.
Played with the “tabs” feature on Fusion 360 to keep them nested for forming

Formed them then cut the tabs on the vertical bandsaw

Cleaned up the edges on the disc sander and deburred with wire wheel

Final fitment. Trim, adjust, repeat…

I still have a lot of learning to do to figure out all my settings, start/stops, spacing… but this tool is already saving loads of time. Great job @langmuirsystems!


Looks great! Got any more pictures of the truck you’re building?

nice work
theres some kick ass tube work in the engine bay

Vert nice stand! Where did you take the drawing files?