Aloha from Hawaii! XR arrived any recommendations or Advise?

I just received my XR and I’m stoked to build it. Any recommendation or advice will be greatly appreciated. What mods did you do to make it fit your shop.

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Welcome to the forum! If you need a hand building it, just let me know, I’d be happy to ‘drop by’ and give you a hand… :wink:

Re advice: Go slow to go fast… Read/watch the instructions through a couple of times before assembling anything.


Maybe it’s too much to ask but how much did it cost you to ship that thing to Hawaii?

I appreciate that! Always welcome to visit Hawaii and enjoy the beach, beer and ladies… lol

I had to set up the delivery myself and it cost me around $1800.00 to get it here. Pretty easy and everything showed up undamaged and delivered straight to my front door. I was a bit let down when the crate arrived as it was just thick card board as i was expecting a wooden one, but for all intent and purposes, it did its job. The good thing is I hired Aloha Freight Company and they are amazing and very responsive.

I will say Langmuir was easy to deal with and answered all the questions I had prior to having my shipment picked up from them.


Welcome to the forum and ALOHA!

Lots of great and knowledgeable people one here who go above and beyond to help!
Which Island are you on? I have had the good fortune of doing allot of work on the Islands. I have been to 6 of the 8 islands for work. Only been to 3 of them for pure vacation, but usually try to spend a couple extra days each work trip. Ill come help you get it going if you want to get me a ticket. :wink:

I hate to say this but if it comes down to buying someone a ticket to help you put it together I am probably the least qualified! LOL

As far as advise I would say read over the manual a couple times before you start. And read over each step and understand it before you start each step. My biggest problems came trying to work to fast thinking I already knew what the next step would be.

Have fun! I thought putting the machine together was half the fun!

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LOL… Thanks for the offer and the advise. I live on Oahu but I’m originally from Texas moved out here 6 years ago and never looked back. I’ll be starting this weekend putting my XR together.