Almost finished building

Ok, I go my CF Pro together over the last few days. I downloaded FireControl and drivers (Win7) and it recognizes the electronics and THC. That’s as far as I am. The machine will not move when I try to jog it over or respond. Everything on the computer side looks good.

When you try and jog the table do the buttons light up when you click on them or push the arrows?
What about the USB cable…short or long…

Yes they do, Im using the USB that came with it.

Hi Wes-

Excited to get you cutting!

Are you seeing the DRO (XYZ current location) values change in FireControl when you are jogging?
Are you fully connected to the electronics (seeing version numbers in the connection boxes eg. [v1.2ls])? a screenshot of FC would help verify.
Are the electronics powered on? Are you hearing a hum (holding torque) from the motors? Are your motor cables fully connected to the appropriate ports?

Yes, the numbers up in top right change when you push the arrow keys.
All motors are securely connected.
The only thing from the electronic control box is the green led at USBand power light at bottom. Motors are quiet.

Ok- the software side sounds good.

If you are not getting any hum at the motors, they’re not getting power. If the power cable is plugged in and the switch toggled on then there is likely something wrong inside the box. Because its all motors not humming its probably something to do with the power supply. Make sure its all unplugged and open the electronics box and see if there are any loose wires or anything you can see that looks loose. Then plug it in and verify you are getting LEDs lighting up on the power supply and drivers.

Ok, cover off and plugged back in. I have power to the board with the USB but the little LED on power supply is off. Everything as far as wires coming into power supply are connected.

check the 120/240 switch on the power supply.

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Ok, i figured it out. The switch for 110/220 was not all the way over. Everything is moving fine. Thank you.

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dang good catch there man…dang good one…

always the simplest things… lol

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