All working but the z up and down

So I have my crossfire hooked up , got the thc hooked up I go to move the z down and up , the stepper motor makes noise but does not go up or down ? Anybody have this issue ?

Watch the coupler/lead screw connection closely on the Z… Is everything there tight?

That’s one point for slippage to consider… First thought!

Yes everything seams tight , I tried to spin the z lead screw didn’t seem like it wanted to move much

In that case, loosen the coupler so that the shaft is free of the motor. See which side is binding. Stepper motors have been known to bind, rarely, but it happens. Usually it will be a new motor that has dirt in it.
Another possibility is that one of the winding wires is broken/disconnected. The controller won’t be able to move the motor and moving it by hand will be choppy.

Just a couple more ideas to add to @KX9M

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its def odd ill press page up it will go down ill press page up again it went up very small movement too . somtimes when i press page up it wont move at all somtimes it would . coud this have anything to do with the vim box ?

if i go down the motor will move maybe a 1/8 then stop bu the motor will whine like its moving . itsm alomst like the stepper motpor is getting jumbled messages

the lead screw is tough to turn it almost moves "in clicks or small steps "all while the electric enclosure is under power btw

How does it move when it is not under power.

Switch off the electronics box

when power is off i can move it w my index finger and thumb. feels like there is a faint grabbing inside of the step motor but nothing crazy i can move it rather easily

Uploading: 20210926_185606.jpg…

The pic I posted is what my firecontrol home screen . See anything wrong w it ?

You have to wait for the picture to upload before you hit reply. sometimes this will take a little longer than you think.

O would hope it wouldn’t be dirty its pretty much right out of the package :rofl:

You haven’t bought too many Chinese components in the last year, I’m guessing…
The shortages have created a very fertile market for shoddy suppliers. They buy rejects and then clean them up and resell them at ‘discount’ prices.

No accountability? You get crap…

It doesn’t have anything to do with the VIM box. Check the connection of the Z-axis cable at the control box. The screws on some of the connectors were too long and they push the connector out when then screws are tightened all the way.

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Yes the coupling between the motor and the screw to me is not a good design they’re sending me a new one

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I will look into the the screws tonight and let you know , thanks for giving some direction !

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i would try what ds690 mentioned and also try swapping the X and Z axis connections and see if it follows the motor or the port.

hey you’ve solved my issue !! that’s what it was their screws !. i have full control over the z axis now . a few more questions for you ,
I’ve seen ppl on videos test the torch height control by running it down into a plate , and it seems like the torch maxes out on travel the trip in the z engages and it floats back up mine doesn’t seem to do that ,it just runs down into the plate full steam , and when the trip is depressed it just keeps going down lifting the x ais arm . what am i missing here

When I hold the down button shouldn’t it just hit the plate of steel engage the trip then stop continuing down