Advice on a 8”x6” plaque

Good evening all, so as the title says, I have been hired to make a 8”x6” plaque. It is for a grave site and so it has to have the fellas first, middle and last name, birth and death date, and she also wanted a saying on it but not totally necessary. I have been fighting with this for a few days now trying to get some kind of font that will allow me to cut it small enough to fit on such a size and still keep the centers of the “o’s” and such. So far, I haven’t had any luck, anyone have any advice or ideas they would care to share?

I cant help much but I do know you will need a stencil style font that already has the little connecting pieces to keep the pieces there. not sure how small it can be done tho to keep it looking good.

Thanks gmw, I ended up using a stencile font, but then I had to extract the text, and widen the tabs going into the center of the letters so they will hopefully stay when they are cut as the text has to be so small. Thought I should mention what I did in case anyone ends up doing a search for a solution to this problem

no problem brother. thanks for updating. its nice to see the outcome and solution to the issues that arise, that way we can all learn from them.