Advice - cutter thats great at thin aluminium

Hi guys, total noob to the world of plasma, im researched a bit but get lost in the magnitude of options, so look for some advice or direction. Planning on getting the pro table to not only cut steel upto 1/2” thick but also thin aluminium sheeting for race car interiors. I would just buy the razorweld 45 with the table but here in New Zealand we have 240v supply via live, neutral and earth, not the 2x120 and earth that The cutter needs. Thus it needs to be switchable. Interested to hear your thoughts and advice. Much appreciated

Buy a plasma cutter from a dealer in your country not from the USA they will not work there.

Agree, but make sure it’s compatible. It must be a blowback arc start, not RF. CNC connectors are useful (trigger and ARC Voltage), but not entirely necessary if you’re willing to add the wiring yourself.

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Thanks guys, I can get the Hypertherms over here, the 45xp is cnc ready. My question around cutting thin aluminium, does it matter which cutter
You get or are all sub 80amp cutters going to be equally capable ? Thanks

@mechanic416 is definitely the expert, but as I understand it, if you want to cut thin material you’ll want a Cutter capable of using small tips and I’m not sure if an 80A cutter will offer this… George would know, however.

If you can get the Hypertherm Powermax 45XP it will work fine on everything up to 13mm/1/2". Use the fine cut consumables on thin stuff.

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Brilliant thanks, appreciate the help.