Adding parts together

In fusion, I see there are a few ways to do this but I wonder what is best. I have a few parts with cut paths and everything is already done and a few models that I haven’t done that with so just the fat models. I want to put them all in one drawing and then send it to CAM to make one program for all the parts on one sheet of steel.

I was making separate dxfs before and inserting them from separate files but I have all the parts on my screen already in their own drawings but I don’t see how to combine them into a new drawing

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Simply highlight the piece, right click “copy” then go to the project that you want to add the piece you just copied to, right click again, hit “paste” then drag the part where you want it

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I can start a new drawing, select insert/derive and select the model, put it in and can move it around. seemed to be what I wanted but then I couldn’t seem to delete any of the models I’ve imported this way until I figured out you have to break the link with the original file to delete it. I haven’t cut from this file yet but I wasn’t able to get copy/paste to work as you suggest I can only make that work within the drawing I’m in.

Also once i’ve created one file like this with all the parts from diferent models I see the models are linked to the original file so if I edit it it causes and error that it needs updating. that fine but I don;t see a way to get back to the original file for a part from here. I have to know where the part file is and open it. the pards just show up as body1 (1…2…3) instead of the file name of the part. What am I missing?