Adding Limit Switches to Fire Control

Hi Folks,

I am looking to add limit switches to my Fire Control on a standard Crossfire. I have searched and can’t find anything on it. Has anyone done it? If not, are there any plans for Langmuir to add them?


Yes, it’s been done several times. Search on Limit Switches Mach3.

Scratch that, I just noticed you said FireControl. Your term “Standard Crossfire” threw me for a loops. What do you mean by ‘Standard Crossfire’?
Are you using the new controller (that uses FireControl, not Mach3)?
If so, no, can’t be done. YET.

By standard I meant the entry level machine, not the Pro or XR.

the 2x2 basic table…
if you are running Firecontrol you can not add limit switches yet…