Adding a machine torch

Who has added a machine torch to your Crossfire? I’m trying to add one to my Lincoln Pro-cut 55 and can’t get it to fire. I’ve followed the standard torch set up procedures and repined the torch to match the hand held but still no luck. Any help would be appreciated.

That would all depend on what machine torch your trying to use. Its just the 2 trigger wires unless it has a safety wire that need to added to the mix.

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Maybe you can help with that. here are pictures of the torch next post is the pin lay out. T
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T he plug on the left is from the Pro-cut 55 and the one on the right is the machine torch. The bottom two pins are the trigger pins.

I can’t see a lot from the picture but all those pins in the Lincoln torch has a function. You need to change the pins to match the Lincoln and bypass the safety.

mechanic 16 thanks for the input I kind of figured that. Do you have any experience with Lincoln plasma cutters? Would you know which pin that would be?

Here is what I’ve determined so far. On the Lincoln plug starting if pin 1 is at 1 o’clock and going in a clockwise direction, pins 1-3 have continuity with pin 8 when the trigger is not depressed. When depressing the trigger only pins 4 and 5 (labeled trigger pins) have continuity.

On the machine torch there are only 4 pins which are in the same position as I received it, however as wired it triggered an error code on the machine. I switched the wires to make pins 3 and 8 have continuity and so 4 and 5 have continuity. That cleared the machine error but the torch still does not fire and that’s where I’m stuck.

You should call me and I can go over this with you.

Hi George thanks for helping me with my machine torch issue. I have your number from your website and will call you on Saturday during your business hours if that’s ok with you?

Thanks again
Dave Raceware 15

You may want to hold off this Saturday as the weather is not looking good.