About Machine torch

Does anybody know were to get a machine torch for the Razorweld Vipercut. Does this help that much, I have seen were people use and like it but is it worth it.

Gamblegarage sells the machine torch for your plasma cutter

I sell them. PM me if you would like one. I have some in stock and ready to ship
They are worth their weight in gold IF you get a good solid mount. A lot of the issues seen on machines with a hand torch is that the torch has to be removed in order change consumables and you will not get the torch perpendicular to the table again or as quickly or realize it after you have cutting issues.
With the machine torch and the mount secured to the body the torch doesn’t move. Its 90* to the table as it should be, so you can simply replace consumables without taking off the torch and having to adjust the angle. It also keeps the handle and cable out of the way.


What is the part number or model number for the machine torch?

PA1581 is the part number for the s45 style

This is not about this machine torch post but I is about a machine torch. I got a new Hyperthern 65 with both torches, the machine torch that came with is big, all most two big to use on the crossfire, though I would have to get the mini torch for it. In the manual for the 65 tells you how to covert to the mini and can convert back two the big torch if you need it for a bigger table. It must be the new style of torch, the place I got the 65 from did not know this and there are one of Hyerrthern dealers in Ohio.

Is it the 1-3/8" body? I make adapters for it. Could do 1-3/4" too I figure.