A garden sign for the wife

Here is a sign I cut on the crossfire this morning, I put two designs together that I pulled off of the interweb and combined them. I know there are copyright issues with posting files here but these designs were in the public domain. I will post the DXF files when I am sure I am not violating anything and as soon as I figure out how to post a DFX file in here. (@jamesdhatch)
I cut this from 20 ga CR with the intent of screwing it to the wall of my wife’s potting shed. If I was going to stake it out 16 ga would be necessary.
Just a few months ago I had absolutely no idea how to use CAD/CAM software, thanks to Langmuir videos and @jamesdhatch I am getting along pretty well.

Working on a golf version of the same theme.


Click Reply and then click on the icon on the bottom right that looks like box with an upward arrow (upload file). See the screenshot below.

Then click through the file selection boxes until you find the file in your PC. Then open/okay and it will upload. Then hit the Reply button again & it will save it all for you.

The golf kids are done