A few projects under my belt

Hi all -

Here’s a few projects I’ve cranked out since I put my table together. I’m still working through the feeds/speeds of my settings. Seems occasionally, the table loses a step in one direction or another (or jiggles the stock). Some cuts there’s a noticeable notch, but thankfully, at this point, it’s easily filed/sanded down.



Nice work! Do you do the blacksmith stuff too??

Ahh - the Ivy stuff? Nah - I wish.

I’ve been looking at forges and anvils and would LOVE to get into that, but I have too many hobbies.

Check back in a year, hahah.


Sweet!! Yeah, it’s the old “one thing leads to another”…

By far, no professional here but I do enjoy beating the heck outta some metal now and then!

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nice work…thanks for sharing

Looking good!