A big thanks to all of our MR-1 customers

Hi All,

Want to say that all of us here at Langmuir Systems are really humbled by the amazing interest that MR-1 has generated, and the trust that you all of placed in us. MR-1 is extremely important to me personally. I have loved CNC machining ever since I was 13 years old sweeping floors in my uncles job shop. It really is amazing technology and I am glad we are in a position to share it with you all; especially those that might be diving into this world for the first time. I want you all to that we are going to do everything it takes to deliver a machine to you that meets and hopefully exceeds your expectations.

I wanted to touch a bit on what happened with the lead times yesterday. We built a system on our site that attempted to auto generate lead times in real time for customers since we felt that lead time was critical in folk’s decision whether to buy. The shear volume of orders that occurred in the first 30 seconds exposed a flaw in the system which erroneously gave many an August 15 ship date. Once we became aware of the issue we immediately sent an email to customers to let them know to re-check their order confirmation for the correct lead time. Of course many are upset that were affected by this error, i know I would be too, but rest assured that our aim was not to mislead or deceive. Our aim was to provide the most realistic lead time possible to customers in real time, and unfortunately stumbled in that effort.

We plan to stay in continuous contact with folks between now and when machine deliveries start to happen. If we hit any road bumps, you all will be the first to know about it. That being said I think we are in an excellent position right now to deliver all machines on time.

Thanks again to all of our great customers.


Daniel Downs
Langmuir Systems


This will be my first purchase from you folks for my company and let me just say that we are all excited to get it here at put it to work.
we are currently using a :wood: router table to engrave our company tags.

This purchase was a no brainer from our standpoint.


Its not a big deal for me at all.It will give me time to see others builds and get pointers.

I think it would be a good idea to separate plasma forum from the mill ?

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You can go to your profile and mute any topics that you don’t want to see under “preferences” and then “categories”. Scroll down to “muted” and select what categories you want to mute.

Yes we agree- As @ds690 mentioned you can mute specific categories from displaying on your feed. We will make a sticky post about it shortly.

Thanks, figured it out.

I don’t have anything against the mill, I use mine at least three times through the week. The forum is getting cluttered with the mill posts.

Yep agreed- if MR-1 gets large enough we may consider going to two completely separate forums.

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I am waiting on my new XR plasma table as I write this, and I also put the deposit down yesterday on this mill. I did get a lead time that was a bit longer than I had originally thought but I am not upset over that, however it would be nice if it were bumped in the rear to get it out a little sooner than Oct/Nov. Some people are just so impatient:)

My brother and I were one of the first 50 to purchase the Crossfire in March 2018. Daniel, I spoke to you by phone several times when we were experiencing issues getting the torch to fire and you greatly helped in solving the issue, it was a grounding issue. I look forward to receiving my MR-1 later this year. I hope to be able to come to Conroe to pick it up. And I’ll try not to call you this time. :smile:

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