82 i not firing

Hi, I have a 82i cnc not firing im using raw voltage i ran the broke in program now i would like to test .

Have you set it to the CNC setting on your front panel of the 82i?

A little quote from the manual " 5b CNC Operation. This turns on the CNC circuit and the rear control socket. "

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Still not firing i’m not sure if that work with raw voltage.

That unit should fire regardless where you’re getting your voltage from for your torch height controller.
That unit could operate without any torch height controlling weather 50 to 1 divided or raw.
When you do your test fire in fire control or do your torch height test what’s happening?
Maybe take a quick snapshot of how you have your wires.

Links in case someone in the future is playing along.
Everlast 82i manual

And here’s a picture of the rear pinout.

And here’s a picture of the basic troubleshooting on the back of the book.

Maybe a brief description of what it does ?

Does it move into position?

Does it go through its initial torch height movement?

Does it click or make any relay noise at that point?

Does it try to fire and only blows air?

Silly question but the ground is in place, correct?

Have you tried to run a program that does not use the torch height control?

Could you dry fire the torch with fire control?

The machine isn’t faulting out on anything else?
An example would be air pressure too low.

Use pins in plug to turn torch on and off. Raw voltage out of the plug is a joke. There’s a thread on connecting direct to leads that works. I had to unplug my laptop from the charger for it to function correctly. Laptop charger ground interferes some how.

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Make sure you don’t have the torch clamp to tight around the torch head. There is plunger inside that will get stuck up if you tighten down to tight. Take off the nozzle and see if you can push I
up on the electrode. It’s spring loaded. If it’s stuck up the pilot arc won’t fire.

To all that help me thank you i found issue more ME than anything no the equipment ( I FORGOT THE HOOK UP THE TORCH ON / OFF CABLE TO THE PLASMA CUTTER ) so thank you everyone agian.

Glad it’s working. I have an 82i. And love it. Not sure why alot of guys don’t use it. I realize that voltage divider circuit doesn’t work right, and have no idea why Everlast has not addressed this. The raw voltage hookup works flawlessly.
Happy cutting!!!

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I love my 62i…

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