62i help for thc

Does anyone have pictures for wiring to the thc box. I have the red to pin 4 and black to pin 6. From what I’m reading i will need to open the case to hook up the torch trigger wires?

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Search function is your friend


It does say pins 1 and 2 for trigger. What I have a problem with , Why do you have to open up the machine to hook wires up when there’s a port on the back. I’ve looked at the set up on everlast something is not making sense with my thick head.

You don’t have to open it up for the torch firing wires. They can be hooked to pins 1&2 on the CNC port.

Most of us, that have Everlast machines, have opened up the machine to hook up to raw voltage at the lugs behind the torch and work clamp.

The voltage at the CNC port (divided or raw) has a history of being unreliable.


By chance do you have any pictures. So if I’m understanding you right open up the machine and hook the red and black test wires leads directly.

Raw voltage… black to torch, red to work clamp.

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Also is the CNC port ok for the power for pin 7 and 4? Bid DADDY I’m getting closer. Ran air in the shop, installed a wireless internet from the house to the shop, built a compressor room, getting close on finishing the air drying system, ordered the CNC torch, just being anal on getting all the behind the scenes stuff done.

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Pins 1&2 to the torch.
Forget pins 7&4.
Open up the case and connect the Red and black wires: torch stud (black) and work clamp (red). Follow langmuir directions for connecting pigtails to the VMI box.
You will be in business.


I’m unsure why Everlast has not addressed the 50:1 divided voltage issue. It’s been like this for many model years without a solution.
I think they don’t care about the small number of people that would utilize it.

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This is where Langmuir needs to step in. It seems like Everlast is gaining traction. We have hypertherm at work and the guys hate it. So why do you think Everlast put a CNC port on and can’t get there shit right.

No real problems using the CNC port for firing the torch and raw voltage on my 102i. Had to trouble shoot a little, had the cables backwards, or didn’t, I can’t remember which.

There are pictures in this thread. Pictures of RAW Voltage wiring on Everlast 52I

I used ring connectors on mine and cut the ring on the torch side into a U shape, so I didn’t have to remove the air line.

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Here are some pictures I found in the search area.


actually I have heard they have fixed that problem…but…why trust all those electronics to get 50:1 when you can go to the lugs and get the real deal raw volatge…