5 ArcFlat arrived.... but

Super excited that my tables are here! I see the changes in packing and like it. First on on top was old cardboard with foam. The others are the new reinforced hardboard lower. I think the sealed plastic bag in the new pack is a great improvement too.

Here’s my head scratcher… first table had the bottom sides machined for the leg attachment. Very nice, perfect fit, 90 deg legs and solid…

The next one wasn’t machined and the legs are wobbly in the rough cast and several deg off square. Missed? Changed?


It looks like you received a block that was not finished. That is not a change that we have made, it looks like the machining for the leg tubes on this block was not completed. Reach out to us at support@langmuirsystems.com with your order number and a link to this forum thread for context, we’ll get you taken care of from there!


Thanks. I’ll take a look at the others and get in touch with support.

I really admire the way Langmuir steps up to the plate! …that’s the way all manufacturers should stand by their products and support their customers. :tumbler_glass:


@Cletus completely agree. Great communication with orders and products are high quality.

Sent pics over to support… people that get all bent because a screw is missing or something must lead such miserable lives…

Opened the other boxes… 4 of 5 missed the bottom milling for legs… Hope ypu guys don’t have a bunch more going out that got missed.

These are gonna be some sexy tables when they get legs under them!

Thank you for taking care of this @langmuir-aksel. Looking forward to buying more cool stuff in the future.

These tables are really legit and solid. Support is great.


wow…that is not good for anyone…

I’m always glad to help!

Got some work done today…

I’m super excited about these flat top irons. Never had a good welding or jig table. Precision joining bolts are sweet and worked great. More like a small work of art than a “bolt”


I hate you…I love the shop…love the pictures…but I hate you…ahahahahaha

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I’m not good with conflict… Do you need to come over for coffee…?


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You have to remember he’s a snowman if he leaves Canada he will melt :rofl: :rofl:

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I’m in WA… Cold part. 6 feet of snow all at once. Canada is a hour drive away… And we only care about the northern boarder… So probably never meet anyhow. :confused::flushed::exploding_head:

All better…

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I’m in love…