3d user from Wi joining the 2d world

Hello world! Ordered the pro at the beginning of December. Needless to say I’m excited for that! I’ve been into 3d printing for about a decade now so I’m quite familiar with Fusion, gcode and 3 axis machines, I also have a Tormach 1100 on Mach 3. I have a question, I’m half way decent on fusion, what are the issues that everyone has, as I see a lot of frustration on here about it, just wondering if I’m going to run into the same thing you guys are. Has anyone gone from 3d to 2d and had issues? I love fusion and I build a lot of 3d models and soon a lot of sheet metal. Anyways happy to be here! See you around

Welcome to the gang!

Probably not. If you’ve figured out how Fusion & 3D modeling work, you’ll be okay. The folks with issues generally are just getting into 3D design apps. It’s hard sometimes to wrap your head around how to think in order to be able to design things in 3D on a 2D device (screen & mouse).

if you have experience in fusion you likely won’t have any problems. a lot of the issues I see on here and just people not making sense of the work flow.

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Like others have said, being familiar with Fusion 360 and CNC in general will help a lot. And since your Tormac runs on Mach 3, that you give you a head start over many others on getting your machine up and running.

Sheet metal took me a few parts to get the hang of. But now the work flow and tools all make sense to me.

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