30i won’t turn on

My 30i quit in the middle of a cut

The air solenoid would still work with the trigger but wouldn’t fire the torch. When I turned the machine off it wouldn’t turn back on again.

I don’t see any loose connections within the machine, verified plug has power with my welder.

What are my trouble shooting steps?

my did the same thing i call razor and he say i’ve to send it back to them it was maybe the mother board that would be about $150 plus shipping so i when and new one close to home

did you get your unit working

Nope, their customer service has about a 36 hour reply time whenever I email them.

Still waiting for an RMA

After much back and forth, I got my machine back. Some thoughts

-the machine had less than 20 hours on it but was out of warranty
-they had to send me a trouble shooting guide, that I could never find online
-The guide told me it was either the power switch or the bridge rectifier
-They confirmed this with their diagnosis both over email and when they got it
-Not wanting to desolder the bridge rectifier from the board myself I sent it to them disassembled, this was after being told “I dont know if we have any rectifiers in stock” I found the part online but overseas, not wanting to wait that long, or have to buy a desolder tool, only to find out that wasnt the issue. The switch is easy to find.
-I sent in for an RMA twice before they finally told (after calling again) me it doesnt get an RMA until it arrives there, that wasted about a month. Also thats the first Ive ever heard of a return or a repair working in that order
-They replied when they got it “this thing is in pieces and its going to take some time” My reply should’ve been that I actually saved them time because it was stripped down to the rectifier then boxed up. Not sure how much that cost me.
-The machine now cannot cut more than 3-4 minutes without the overload light illuminating. I never once had it illuminate before on me
-The actual repair and ship time was fine considering the issues overall with shipping and the fires in the northwest right now.
-I was told early on in my inquiries with JASIC that the repair came with a year warranty so unless it last just over a year like this time I guess is nice.
-I think the tone in my email let them know I wasnt satisfied as they covered return shipping all in all I spent just under $200 for shipping one way and the repair. Which isnt unreasonable, I just dont like that I had to do it with such a new machine and one that seemingly has come back in a less operable condition than before.

They also need to work on the communication of how the return process works, and change the process itself it is far too time consuming. My machine cut for the first time today since I made my original post

I am going to inquire about the overload light as well

Check the fan and make sure its working right, not just running. The plasma cutter is over heating some were causing it to draw more amperage then it should that’s why the light comes on.

Its definitely running. By working right do you mean blowing in the right direction etc?

Yes and make sure its getting the right voltage. If you have a heat indicator check for something getting very hot in the plasma cutter.

I have an infrared gun, what voltage should the fan be seeing ?

Check the fan it should be listed on it. Then check to make sure its getting that.